Oregon Body Gift

A Non-Profit Organization

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About Us

Oregon Body Gift is a non-profit organization that facilitates body donation for medical research purposes and includes cremation at no cost for donors. We are a local organization that accepts body donations and offers free transport from the Salem metro area and communities within approximately 200 miles, including areas in both Oregon and Washington.

No-Cost Cremation

There is no cost to the donor or their estate. Oregon Body Gift covers all expenses, including transportation from the place of death, cremation, filing of the death certificate, and the return of partial cremated remains to the family if requested.

Support and Guidance

If a loved one has passed away or is in critical condition, we are available 24/7 and may be able to offer assistance during this challenging time. Please call us anytime at 503-581-1942 or otherwise contact us to get started.

How Body Donation Works

Contact us as soon as possible once your loved one is under hospice or end-of-life care, or has recently passed away. We are happy to help with filling out any paperwork. At the time of death, we will transport the body to our facility. Remains are always handled with respect and dignity. Two to three weeks later, the designated recipient or the family will receive partial cremated remains if requested.

Register for Body Donation

You can register your interest in body donation in less than 10 minutes either online or after downloading the form. This can either be for yourself or for your loved one who you are authorized to consent for. Please register online or by downloading the form available here.

Pet Body Donation Program

We also offer a body donation program for animal companions who have passed away. By donating your pet's body after their death, you contribute to scientific research. This includes no-cost cremation and, if requested, return of remains that are not used for research. If you are interested, please read more about this program and consider registering.

Give the Gift of Knowledge

The need for whole body donation is great, and your generous gift will be valued and respectfully honored. The primary use of donated bodies is for neuroscience medical research, with the ultimate goal of developing new medical treatments. We do not allow bodies to be used for military, vehicle safety, or any other non-medical purpose.

Our Team

Larry Black

Larry Black

Director of Anatomical Donations

Laura Paredes

Laura Paredes

Pathology Specialist

Dusti Patten

Dusti Patten

Pathology Specialist

Andrew McKenzie

Andrew McKenzie, MD, PhD

Research Scientist